Proverbs 3:5-6

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Metuchen, Jan 1, 2017

Hello 2017, tidak hanya menjadi hari baru di tahun yang baru tapi juga permulaan baru utk hidup saya. Saya telah membuat suatu pilihan, sebagai manusia saya diserang oleh suara2 yang melemahkan saya, apakah pilihan ini sudah tepat? apakah ada jaminan atas pilihan saya ini?

Tapi, Puji Tuhan, di akhir tahun 2016, di saat saya menyatakan ketidakmampuan saya, TUHAN menjawab melalui nats ayat emas yang dibagikan sebagai pegangan di tahun 2017.

Amsal 3:5-6 Percayalah kepada TUHAN dengan segenap hatimu, dan janganlah bersandar kepada pengertianmu sendiri. Akuilah Dia dalam segala lakumu, maka Ia akan meluruskan jalanmu.
Kiranya TUHAN selalu mengingatkan saya :

  • Untuk percaya kepada TUHAN. Percaya kepada TUHAN menyatakan bahwa orang tidak akan mempercayai kemampuannya sendiri. Orang yang memiliki pengertian yang kurang akan terbuka terhadap kekuatan dan hikmat Tuhan, yaitu panduan hidup yang lebih baik. Jika orang tahu Tuhan ada dalam jalannya, orang itu akan tentunya adalah orang yang benar, dan Ia akan menjaga orang itu agar tetap di jalan yang lurus.
  • Ketergantungan pada Allah adalah pusat hidup kristiani berkelimpahan.
  • Mempercayai-Nya dengan segenap hati kita berarti memberi-Nya KENDALI atas keluarga kita, keuangan, pekerjaan, dan segala sesuatu yang lainnya.
  • Kebersandaran kita pada Tuhan penting artinya dalam kehidupan yang berbuah: kita diingatkan agar, “percayalah kepada TUHAN dengan segenap hatimu, dan janganlah bersandar kepada pengertianmu sendiri”.
  • Ketika menghadapi pengambilan keputusan, kita dapat tergoda untuk mencari dan memilih jawaban menurut pikiran kita yang terlihat benar. Tapi kita tidak bisa mengetahui semua fakta atau memprediksi dengan pasti bagaimana orang lain akan merespon. Namun, Allah adalah mahatahu. Dia ” membaca ” hati dan mengerti setiap pikiran, tidak ada aspek kehidupan kita lolos dari perhatian-Nya (1 Taw 28:9 ; Maz 11:4), dan Dia peduli tentang semua orang. Itu sebabnya Dia sendiri tahu mana keputusan yang terbaik untuk setiap situasi.
  • Hidup berkelimpahan juga menyangkut pengakuan kita akan Tuhan dalam semua yang kita lakukan (ay 6). Berbicara tentang Dia juga merupakan bagian dari apa artinya memberikan pengakuan akan Tuhan. Sebagai anak-anak-Nya, kita harus memiliki keserupaan dengan Tuhan dalam pikiran kita, sikap, dan tindakan.
  • Prioritas kita adalah untuk merefleksikan-Nya, dan rencana-rencana kita harus sesuai dengan kehendak-Nya .
  • Hidup menjadi berbuah ketika kita menyerahkan diri kita kepada Tuhan dan melakukan kehendak-Nya. Dengan membiarkan Roh-Nya untuk menguasai hidup (Gal 2:20), kita akan menemukan kehidupan kita ditandai dengan makna hidup dan kepuasan hidup.

(Source:, Dr. Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries)

With love,

Kei Shinta 


Believe it or Not – Golden Retriever can copulate with Corgi

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My first pet is Dollar. Male and his type is Golden Retriever.


Then… my brother’s girlfriend gave me another type of dog, that is Corgi and her name is Qui-Qui.

Dollar (Golden Retriever) and Qui-Qui (Corgi) live together at the same area. My family prepare a space room for them and they live together for three years and nothing happen.

Suddenly about 3 (three) weeks ago, our family realized that our dog, Dollar (Golden Retriever) and Qui-Qui (Corgi) did something and we have an conclusion that Qui-Qui was pregnant.


Until 3 (three) days ago, Qui-Qui seemed worried and scratched our floor too often and I took her to check her condition to veterinarian immediately. The result was shocked. Qui-Qui was ready to born the puppies.

This is it….. January 19, 2015… the new babies born. Lost one but three puppies was survived. So pure and smooth. Their eyes and their ear stil not open yet.


We are still busy to take care them, Qui-Qui and three new puppies. I will post their photos soon okay…

To be Continued…


Numerology Mini-Reading For Kei

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Numerology Mini-Reading For Kei

What Your “1” Life Path Says About You…

The number 1 Life Path usually includes one other person that is with you or is a heavy influence on you for your entire life. You might have a tendency to see your lover and yourself as one soul or one person….

Your life path number is number 1, and so you are probably also blessed with a great drive and burning desire to be “number one” at whatever you do. Unfortunately, your competitive spirit sometimes gets you into trouble with friends and family, as work and ambition take precedence over emotional relationships.

You have a great faith in yourself that often achieves result despite great odds … yet at the same time, has you often accused of having an enormous ego. However, in your defense, it is that enormous ego that gives you the daring and courage to change everybody’s life for the better.

You have probably been born into one of two life paths. Either you have been born into wealth and privilege and coddled by lucky circumstances into becoming “great” in some way or you are thriving despite great challenges such as poverty and war. The number 1 is the number of the hero and this is why you find many disabled as well as super achievers (such as military leaders and business magnates) born under this life path number.

You are also usually blessed with good health, vitality and endless inspiration. Your number is very connected with the divine and you often feel especially connected to God or your subconscious mind. However, as you are such an individualist, this insistence on listening to your hunches often make you appear irrational or even insane to others, that is, until the direction of your gut instincts pays off and all benefit.

Although you are capable of rising to great heights when it comes to career or athletics, you are also capable of great falls. However, as you are also an innovative and resourceful individual you have the uncanny ability to “make lemons out of lemonade” and start again from scratch.

Despite your main personally blessing, you might also feel as if you face more challenges or obstacles in life than others do. Karmically, many number 1’s spend their early years learning not to be dependent on others as fate throws difficult relationships and situations their way. If you feel cursed or that you have a bad luck, that is very characteristic of number ones whose life lessons are usually about “letting go”, “releasing control” and “overcoming great odds.”

As a number 1 you may also need to watch a tendency towards arrogance or over confidence. Many number ones stumble early in life because they have a habit of biting off more than they can chew. Often you are perceived as odd, controlling or self-centered by others. However often these are traits are forgiven as others also recognize that your talents outshine those of the ordinary mortal.

Of all the numbers, you are the one that values individuality, privacy and ethics more than anything. This is why so many of you become business, political and spiritual leaders. You tend to have faith in yourself, more than you do others, and make a better leader than a team player. You are best suited to occupations that allow you to work on your own or be the big boss.

Being a number 1, you are also likely to achieve some measure of fame in your life. This is because you are destined to be “the one that is loved by all” as opposed to “the one that is loved by one other.” It sometimes takes number ones a lifetime to realize that being adored by many is not such a bad thing.

What Your “6” Expression Says About You…

You are a peace loving, harmonious individual who is a natural born diplomat. You detest conflict and will bend over backwards to make others happy. The ultimate height of your personal self expression is healing. Nothing gives you more satisfaction then knowing you have corrected a situation that was whirling out of balance.

You express who you are by caring for others. This is why so many sixes are doctors, healers, counselors, psychologists, policeman and therapists. Your philosophy usually relates to the idea that the world can be healed of all its ills if we heal one person at a time.

You have a brilliant, creative mind and many different talents but chances are you will forsake a career in the limelight to work in humble, yet helpful occupations. You are quite philosophical and believe that one should sacrifice oneself for the good of all.

You excel at making others feel good about themselves and have the ability to instill new hope in lost hearts with a kind touch or wise words. You are also a very affectionate person and comfort others with your easygoing nature. Others are attracted by your empathy and your friends often seek you out for advice.

You make a wonderful parent and teacher and have a way with children. At some point in your life you may find yourself coaching, mentoring or adopting a child or a teenager.

You are naturally full of vitality and enthusiasm. You exude a personal charisma that makes members of the opposite sex consider you to be a “catch.” Once you are caught you are usually loyal to that one person for your entire life.

Honesty and openness is very important in your relationships and if someone breaches your trust you are not likely to speak to them ever again. You consider yourself to be a very ethical and moral individual and are deeply pained by any situation that falls into a moral gray area.

You are also deeply spiritual and have a great faith in a higher power. However when that power seems to let you down you have the power to spiral down into a deep depression. As you are all about balance, you are a nightmare to be with when life knocks you out of balance. You may express your bitterness at being let down by God with addiction, codependent or destructive behaviors.

Sometimes you may also mistakenly believe that your mission on earth is to set things right. This can lead to a fanatical need to prove a point or get revenge on the individuals or organizations that you think are causing the disharmony for yourself and others in the first place. Many activists and cult leaders are number 6’s who have succumbed to this kind of black and white thinking.

On a less extreme level, your concern for others may be perceived as interfering or meddling as you just can’t help yourself when it comes to helping others. One of your life challenges is to let others make their own mistakes rather than trying to save them from themselves.

You often dress conservatively and are humble in your appearance. This is because you spend so much time focusing on others rather than yourself. Ironically, you may be good at caring for others but not so good at caring for yourself. If you are a six it is important for you to take time out to pamper yourself every now and then as your tendency to overwork yourself can lead to health problems in the future.

What Your “4” Soul Urge Says About You…

Your soul craves stability, beauty and order. You are continually distressed by the natural chaos that often describes life and your own life may be entirely devoted to restoring things to balance. This often leaves dutiful and responsible number fours to a long life of service or slaving away for individuals who don’t seem to appreciate all that you do for them.

You are decisive, thorough and intolerant by nature and nothing disturbs you more than a messy room, undone dishes or unclipped grass. Your spirit often moves you to accomplish ten times as much as most people would in a day as you set about combating decay and dirt.

Your motivation for being obsessed with the appearance of things is that you truly do believe that “cleanliness is next to Godliness.” You don’t believe that love can thrive in a disorderly house. You are a natural Feng Shui practitioner when it comes to decluttering and arranging furniture because you intuitively realize that not paying attention to these things can create energy blocks to prosperity and love.

The problem is that often others find your perfectionist nature very hard to live with. Your insistence on order often results in disorder as others rebel against what they see as an attempt to control them or tell them how to live. Fours often have difficulty with teenagers and children as they don’t always appreciate a child’s need to let loose and create.

Controlling your immediate surroundings is very important for you both at home and at work. Life often has you feeling powerless so controlling the little details makes you feel more emotionally secure. Unfortunately this tendency can extend to trying to control the behavior of your family, friends and coworkers. This earns you a reputation for being stern, pushy and stubborn.

You secretly resent people who seem to be unconventional or free thinkers as you consider yourself to be among the ones that work very hard to keep the fabric of society stitched together. As your own self-esteem is gauged by how hard you work you have absolutely zero tolerance for those who seem intent on questioning or destroying the values that you have slaved so hard to maintain.

Often when you are feeling insecure your sense of humor completely disappears. You sometimes forget your own strength when it comes to influencing other people. You are very powerful astrally foul moods are like a dark cloud whose stench paralyzes and demoralizes all that come into contact with it. You can do more damage to someone’s psyche with a single sour look. You need to remember that you have the capability to traumatize a person for life. This is a valuable skill when it comes to protecting your territory or setting boundaries but it is not healthy for your children or your spouse.

However when you are in a sunny mood there is nobody more delightful to be with you. Love radiates from you like the light of the sun and your life is full of love and laughter. You are a respected member of the community and others seek out your approval and advice.

In order to make yourself and others the happiest, you need to learn not to be so rigid in your thinking or so dogmatic in your actions. Although you get a kind of Zen high from repetitive chores others are often bored to tears. Tolerance and forgiveness of those who are not able to meet your high personal expectations will go a long way towards creating a happy household and peaceful work place for you.

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This was a bit describe about me and what about you?



Ended It Right

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Based on Luke 15:11-32

The lessons from “the younger” are :

  1. Be careful with what we want (verse 12)
  2. Be careful with what we do (verse 13)
  3. World never granted good promise (verse 14)
  4. Don’t count on it/world (verse 15-16)
  5. Repent (verse 17-19)
  6. Repent need action (verse 20)
  7. Repent’s value always grace (verse 21-24)

The lessons from “the older” are :

  1. Having an honour heart (verse 25-27)
  2. Be grateful (verse 28)
  3. Don’t compare our life with others (verse 29-30)
  4. Knowing Jesus is different with “only” know about Jesus (verse 31-32)

So.. no problem with your education, your status, your imperfect, your background or your past…. Life is to choice! no need waiting, make your decision! Ended it right !

Come to Jesus and no turning back!

Blessings and love,



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Partner in Life

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My opinion about partner in life :

1. Principles about Founding Partner in life

  • Spirituality : bring us more in love with God
  • Personality : make us more mature
  • Life : carry us forward (more better in life)

2. Characteristic Partner in Life as Bible said

  • One faith (Nehemiah 13 : 25-26 , 2 Corinthians 6:14)
  • Must be equal or equivalent
  • Adult and responsible

3.  Why we need Partner in Life according to Bible said?

  • Because of the devil trying to falsify the Lord
  • Because the world is not going to come from eternal
  • Because love can blind common sense
  • Because many falsehoods in this life

4. Characteristic Partner in Life is not from God

  • Sexual minded ( think only sexual only)
  • Self -oriented ( think for myself )
  • Authority Dishonor ( not abide by the rules )

5. Tips Getting Right Partner

  • Sensitivity
  • It takes time
  • Listen what Bible said

Is she/he the right women/man?

  • The relationship makes both of you more closer and deeper in love with God
  • The relationship makes both of you more loving each other and another people
  • The relationship make your life become better and better

For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife,[a] 8 and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. Mark 10: 7-9 (NIV)


Love and Blessing,


Bible’s Secret

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Today’s posting is something different from other posting, I want we discuss something about this, learn together what we got and share to other. I pray that Holy Spirit guides us to The Truth. Amen.

I read book of Rev. WW Patterson and I got blessings that’s why I want to share with you guys..

Bible has secrets and I think we must know about that… All written in:

  1. Colossians 1:26-27
  2. Colossians 2:2
  3. Matthew 13:11; Luke 8:10; Mark 4:11
  4. 1 Timothy 3:16
  5. 2 Thessalonians 2:7
  6. Romans 11:25
  7. 1 Corinthians 15:51
  8. Ephesians  5:22-23;  10:7
  9. Ephesians 3:3-4,6 compare to Romans 16:24-25
  10. 1 Corinthians 2:7-10 also Ephesians 6:19 also Colossians 4:3 also 1 Timothy 3:9
  11. Ephesians 1:9
  12. Revelation 1:20
  13. Revelation 17:5-7

Let’s share Bible’s secret!

I’m waiting you guys!

Grace be with you all.






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