Life Begins at 40

It’s been a while right? Yup, that’s why I can say that my life was (again) began at 40 with the new chapter, off course, and here are some stories were beginning:

Kei’s Life Story

So…. don’t be hopeless! No one knows about what happen next hour, even in a second. Just have at least small faith as a mustard seed, then you can remember a lot of good thing that happened already and be grateful. The best is coming soon for you, if you believe


~ by keishinta on July 23, 2019.

4 Responses to “Life Begins at 40”

  1. Happy birthday Kei, aku 41 thn tahun ini šŸ˜† .


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  3. […] air tercinta, namun apa daya, jalan hidup menentukan lain. Cerita selengkapnya bisa di baca di Life Begins at 40Ā  danĀ Green Card Based On MarriageĀ  […]


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