Home, I miss you, I love you

Sitting in my room while watching showers of snow and thinking about my conversation with my Mom.I said: I miss you, Mom and my Mom replied: you miss me, but you didn’t go home.
Some lessons of life that I can learn are:

  1. What home is?

For me, home is a place that I can learn and be productive, that’s why wherever I go, that place can be my home. A home never be our comfort zone first of all, it takes adapting season like we were born a long time ago, but sooner if we enjoy, we will feel it.
2. I miss you! or I can say: I love you!

It’s easy to say, but takes efforts for that. As my Mom said: “You miss me, but you didn’t go home.”

So, IMU or ILU isn’t NATO.

[Read: I Miss You or I Love You isn’t No Action Talk Only]
What a good lesson for me. Wishing this meaningful for you guys, too.
Be productive!

Show your love!

PS: Mom, sorry I can’t go home right now, but I promise you, I’ll be back. Please keep me on your prayers and Dad, thank you for supporting all my decisions. I love you both! 😭😭😭😭😭



~ by keishinta on March 11, 2017.

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