Believe it or Not – Golden Retriever can copulate with Corgi



My first pet is Dollar. Male and his type is Golden Retriever.


Then… my brother’s girlfriend gave me another type of dog, that is Corgi and her name is Qui-Qui.

Dollar (Golden Retriever) and Qui-Qui (Corgi) live together at the same area. My family prepare a space room for them and they live together for three years and nothing happen.

Suddenly about 3 (three) weeks ago, our family realized that our dog, Dollar (Golden Retriever) and Qui-Qui (Corgi) did something and we have an conclusion that Qui-Qui was pregnant.


Until 3 (three) days ago, Qui-Qui seemed worried and scratched our floor too often and I took her to check her condition to veterinarian immediately. The result was shocked. Qui-Qui was ready to born the puppies.

This is it….. January 19, 2015… the new babies born. Lost one but three puppies was survived. So pure and smooth. Their eyes and their ear stil not open yet.


We are still busy to take care them, Qui-Qui and three new puppies. I will post their photos soon okay…

To be Continued…


~ by keishinta on January 21, 2015.

3 Responses to “Believe it or Not – Golden Retriever can copulate with Corgi”

  1. Keiiii mana foto puppies nya. Penasaran lihat deh, pasti lucu banget 😀 .


  2. Kei apa kabar?, sudah setahun lebih ko gak ngeblog lagi sih? 😀 .


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