Ended It Right

Based on Luke 15:11-32

The lessons from “the younger” are :

  1. Be careful with what we want (verse 12)
  2. Be careful with what we do (verse 13)
  3. World never granted good promise (verse 14)
  4. Don’t count on it/world (verse 15-16)
  5. Repent (verse 17-19)
  6. Repent need action (verse 20)
  7. Repent’s value always grace (verse 21-24)

The lessons from “the older” are :

  1. Having an honour heart (verse 25-27)
  2. Be grateful (verse 28)
  3. Don’t compare our life with others (verse 29-30)
  4. Knowing Jesus is different with “only” know about Jesus (verse 31-32)

So.. no problem with your education, your status, your imperfect, your background or your past…. Life is to choice! no need waiting, make your decision! Ended it right !

Come to Jesus and no turning back!

Blessings and love,


~ by keishinta on February 28, 2014.

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