Happy New Year Eve

Indonesia, December 31, 2011

Yes, finally, we are here. This is the end of 2011, many things have happened. This year, I was duped by one man, it almost messed my future, but God replaced it by sending a lot of new friends who bring blessings, and one of them is you.
This year I didn’t go traveling, but God made ​​some of my business like traveling, because it indirectly, I enjoy the natural scenery in the place I visited. My father must stay in the hospital up to 2 ( two) times now still have an outpatient treatment and control, due to kidney disease, but miraculously, God’s still nurture my father up until this second, without the need for kidney dialysis treatment or kidney transplant. This includes all hospital costs the Lord had already prepared, because my father didn’t have any insurance. AMAZING !!

This year is really God’s mercy.

‘EVEN HÂ’ÊZER  (KJV & NIV: EBENEZER, LAI: EBEN-HAEZER) up here the Lord help us (1 Samuel 7:2-14)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ C’mon sing with me and Praise HIM for everything :

To enter a new day in the new year, perhaps this quote can be a blessing to you, thanks to Smith Wigglesworth , for this quote :

“What is faith ? It is the very nature of God. Faith is the Word of God. It is the personal inward flow of divine favor, which moves in every fiber of our being until our whole nature is so quickened that we live by faith, we move by faith, and we are going to be caught up to glory by faith, for “Faith is the Victory !” Faith is the glorious knowledge of a personal presence within you, changing you from strength to strength, from glory to glory, until you get to the place where you walk with God, and God thinks and speaks through you by the power of the Holy Ghost. Oh, it is grand, it is glorious !” -SW, Complete Collection of His Life And Teachings, page 74

Happy New Year Eve everyone !

Don’t forget to pray before entering a new day in the new year because it is only with Jesus we can do all great  jobs (for sure please open John 15:7).

Peace and Blessings !

With love,


~ by keishinta on December 31, 2011.

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