With Our Tears, Use Our Hands, Knees and Mouths to PRAY and See What Happen Next

Indonesia, November 7, 2011

I don’t know why, this month I usual to cry. I wonder why, is it any connection with my theme for this month about pray ?

I have a best moment that I never had before. November 3, 2011 as usual, I go home together with my assistant, he drives a motorcycle and I sit at back on him. He drives his motor cycle with our usually speed, it’s about 80 km/jam and always I hear some songs along our home trip with my ear phones. Suddenly, I cried so hard and my heart gave an order for me to worship Him. I turned of the music and started to worship Him. It took about 15 minutes and then my heart guided me to pray for my family, friends, brothers, sisters, my country also this world. I pray to God and ask Him to give peace and remind us forever with His promises so that in every situation we could stand up in Him forever. Amen.

And tonight, in my room…

After I played guitar some song that I could play, I worship Him again. Sing some song to Praise Him, The Lord and The Only Savior that saved my life and all people, Jesus. The only one wonderful name, the one and only who knows exactly our self, even sometimes words never enough to describe what we feel, but He always know everything. All. Also very detail of our lives our needs. Ooo Jesus… I love you… I can’t live without you. You are my needs. You are my everything. You are my perfect Redeemer. This is I am. With all I am. I come to You…

Then I open The Bible and read Act 16:16-39 about Paulus and Silas in Prison.

After I finished my reading, I use my hands, knees and mouth to pray. My spirit pray too. I can feel His presence. Tears runs hard but at the end I feel happy. I feel free. Comfort. Only smile on my mouth now, even the tears still run. It’s tears of happiness.

At the time I make this posting, I still can feel His presence.

What a wonderful moment. I suggest you must have this experience, in fact more than what I felt today.

That’s why :

“With Our Tears, Use Our Hands, Knees and Mouths to PRAY and See What Happen Next”

Just do it and don’t think twice !

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Blessings and Peace

With Love,


~ by keishinta on November 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “With Our Tears, Use Our Hands, Knees and Mouths to PRAY and See What Happen Next”

  1. Ada waktu dimana kita (mungkin keadaan kita sedang baik-baik saja) namun kita harus berdoa untuk orang-orang tertentu atau mungkin kita tidak tahu untuk siapa kita berdoa, it’s like that God ask us to pray ;-). Ada saat ingin banget memuji Tuhan, menyembah, berdoa, berbahasa dengan bahasa yg tdk kta pahami, mencucurkan air mata. Ya kita nurut saja ya Kei. GBU! btw. kalau nanti kta ktemuan ajarin aq main gitar yaaa .. disini ada gitar tapi disimpan di gudang daripada jadi pajangan berdebu aq simpan digudang deh, oh ya termasuk keyborad hahahha maklum rumah 4×4 M.


    • Thanks Sista,, kata2-mu menguatkan diriku 😉
      Utk ajarin gitar ?? waduhhh, ak bukan PRO, msh amatir,,, salah2 bukan ngajarin kunci2 nada malah kunci inggris lagi hahahaha 😀
      Kalo utk keyboard… ak bukan amatir lg tp bener2 GA BISA hahahaaa 😛


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