Indonesia, October 25, 2011

I got blessings and I want to share with you. Inspired from Extravagant Love written by Derek Prince.

The Apostle Paul showed how important love in his prayer in Ephesians 3:14-19 >> we are based in LOVE


There are two parables :

  1. Matthew 13:44
  2. Matthew 13:45-46

The person who found the treasure is Jesus. The treasure or the pearl = us, people He loved. Fields or sea = world, where we living now. >> We are valuable treasure for Jesus. When He found us, He paid granted at The Cross, He gives us all.

The key to get the treasure or the pearl is in “the process” of it. At the time He found us, a wonderful process has begun. It started at The Cross (1 Peter 1:18-19), seven times talked about His blood :

  • When His perspiration turned into blood.
  • When the people beat His face with fists and sticks.
  • When people whipped Him with a Roman whip.
  • When His beard drawn and plucked.
  • When the crown of thorns thrust into His head.
  • When His feet and hands pierced with nails.
  • When His bounce wounded with a spear.
Continued with the a treasure excavation work or process of producing pearls. The workers are involved, such as diggers or collector shells from the ocean floor. There are (Ephesians 4:11) :
  • Apostle
  • Prophet
  • Teacher
  • Evangelist
  • Pastor
With the guidance of The Holy Spirit, they perform tasks such as written in Colossians 1:28-29. Finally at the end, we are the treasure, we are the pearl that valuable in His eyes.

God‘s love is personal (that’s why, it’s so special, The relationship between you and God), eternal (Jeremiah 31:3), God loves us even when the world wasn’t made (Ephesians 1:4-5) and God’s love can’t be prevented (Song of Songs 8:6).

What we got because of His EXTRAVAGANT LOVE ?

  1. Romans 8:15-17
  2. John 16:13-15
  3. Romans 8:32

Respons for His EXTRAVAGANT LOVE : Lesson from Maria (Mark 14:3-9 and John 12-3-6), there are 3 points of lessons :

  1. What has been done by Mary with bought the most expensive perfume. The beautiful Alabaster perfume bottle solved, and all its contents poured not only in Jesus head also in His feet. Then cleened with her hair.
  2. It’s commonly met, people who criticize. They are stingy, hypocritical and don’t know happiness. Because anger and busy criticizing the action of Mary, the fragrant parfume didn’t smell to them.
  3. The respons of Jesus, read Mark 14:8 Maria did the best thing she could, not waste the time, just do ! Also in Mark 14:9, Mary’s action be remembered all the time.

And today …

As written in 1 John 4:16, give respon today ! Let The Holy Spirit guide us. Amen.

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Blessings and Peace !

With love,


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  1. thank you…much to ponder.


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