CLAIM : I want to be different !

Indonesia, October 21, 2011

It’s a blessing through Kobes at Kobes’sBlogs in Spanish, and translated into English by Kei. Thank you for put this on my fb wall, dear. Also for Danielle Ventura. Blessings and love for both of you, guys.


I want to be different !

Blog writing by: Danielle Ventura (Thks Dani) – Translated in Spanish by: Kobes

Does it seem acceptable to infanticide, which is the killing of newborn babies ?
Why then, allow children to die in the uterus yet ?

It estimated that over 1 million illegal abortions are performed annually in Brazil.

Do you think 1.99 is a bit more (LITTLE) ? – Many girls are sold for that price.

The number of children and adolescent who are sexually exploited in Brazil reached 100,000.

Do you complain that the food at home is not good ?
Well, many people don’t have food to eat.

According to UN figures, hunger kills a child every 5 seconds. And only in Brazil, 14 millions people suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

Have you been following the news on TV about child abuse ?
It estimated 40 children are sexually abused every 10 minutes and approximately 18 millions children are victims of some type of abuse per day, mostly by people they know and trust.

As Christians, have we done something to change this reality ?
Use your voice, use your strength, use your will, believe in your ideals, join the generation that wants to make a difference.

It costs nothing to “COMMIT”, get involved and do something (our part), because the world needs people of value (courage). People who are angry for injustice and need a change.

People not only look these events, but it costs nothing to roll up our sleeves and fight for something.

“This is our calling, this is our mission, and now is the time”


Blog writing by: Danielle Ventura (thks Dani)
Translated in Spanish by: Kobes

PS : This text was presented in video form, with several photos, which I and my friends we present in our local church, to show the Christians what our role in society. During this project we visited asylums and orphanages, doing various activities with them. This text encourages the industry to do something well.
AMA, not just the people around you, because some people really need it.
Thank God for life and in response to that, do something.

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Blessings and love !


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