The Little Rock Nine

Indonesia, October 7, 2011

The Story of “The Little Rock Nine”

The Little Rock Nine


A Beautiful Story

You can look back on the pages of history and over again you can see the stories of young people, often one or a small group that came together and stood up to strong opposition, saying: “Enough is enough” and made decisions that went beyond themselves and in the process ‘change history’

“In this present, only live and are part of a revolution in the world we all inhabit, therefore, you and your young compatriots everywhere have taken a greater burden of responsibility than any generation that has lived”

Disturbance, soldiers, federal troops and the intervention of the President, all nine young students. In 1957, after pleading in the Supreme Court called for the dis-aggregation in all schools, a group of African American students enrolled in the school for whites ‘Little Rock Central’ Their presence sparked opposition from those who wanted segregation between whites and African Americans.

The Arkansas National Guard blocked the school, but the President ordered them to continue. When students were tucked secretly to school, there was great commotion among the protesters and the few policemen who were there.

The next day, the 101st Airborne Division was sent by President Eisenhower to protect nine. That same year (1957), Congress passed the first Civil Rights Act and two years after Little Rock Central school finally opened its doors Estudantes both whites and African Americans.

Not only the nation mobilized to ensure access to quality education for all Americans, but that helped define the civil rights movement.

Courage is not absence of fear but the Victoria on. Brave is not the one not afraid, but he who conquers.
>> Nelson Mandela.

Soweto, South Africa – 1976
They demanded equal education for all South Africans.
They demanded to be taught in the language they chose.
Defending human rights while protesting and singing from the heart.
As students left, the police opened fire.
Twenty children were killed, including a 13-year-old Hector Pieterson.
A new generation made its voice heard, and the injustice of apartheid (or segregation) could no longer be ignored.

If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then, he will be your partner.
>> Nelson Mandela

With Love, Kobes

Posting above created by Kobes in Spanish at Kobes’sBlogs and translated into English by Kei. Muchas gracias Kobes.

I add little information about Nelson Mandela :

Nelson Mandela invited all the people of South Africa to equally build their country in a way to uphold justice and fight for rights and equality >>invite people to forgive what had happened in the past, without having to forget #A greatness of heart that makes South Africa spared of racial unrest or civil war.

This called The Peaceful Revolution and we can learn from it.

With love,


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