✝ = ❤ | Creativity

Indonesia, October 1, 2011

Posting below created by Kobes in Spanish at Kobes’sBlogs and translated into English by Kei.

✝ = ❤ | Creativity

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There is something unique in terms of creativity. Everyone does. Everyone uses it. And if we are called to reach and impact the world, we desperately need more of it.I’ve been thinking about this idea, “form the habit of creating ‘. Whatever your type of creativity, this affects us all.Like most creative people, I do not love the word discipline. I much prefer the word habit. Discipline sounds very difficult, while forming habits seem easier to maintain (although it requires the same amount of effort)

When I was younger I remember being taught how to create habits in my lifestyle, like brushing my teeth or tie my shoes. At the same time, these normal, everyday things frustrated me because they were things I was still learning to do. Today happen quite naturally – a habit formed.

Require training habits.
The same is true with our creativity.

To become a great composer, one has to work very hard to write songs, consistently taking time to write and produce consistently and ending songs to form the habit of composing.

Once formed and if you use it consistently, a habit will gain momentum and momentum. That is great news for everyone. Reap where you sow. May never be easy at all, but of course it will become easier. The more you prioritize your creativity, you will find it easier next time.

Habits can gain traction and momentum.

This is the part I like …
Once a habit is formed, it becomes a natural response. It becomes an instinct.

I pray that we (the church) does not focus on both the process of creating, but instead, let the creativity becomes an integral part of our lifestyle – a habit – to help us express things better of God in the world in which we live.

© 2011 Kobes.


Also I tried a bit of mine taken from one source then edited by me. This is from me as a newbie 😛 and still need to learn more.

Muchas gracias “Super” Kobes.

With love and Blessing !


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