Happy Birthday Kobes

Indonesia, September 25, 2011

This guy is one of my fave…


I put some spontan picture of you, I stole it from Timon Klein Industries. Thanks to Timon 😉 Just enjoy haha

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These pictures show you a simple one and I like it.

What http://www.hotfrog.com.au said about you :

Simon is an experienced drummer with over 12 years of playing with a variety of bands. He is capable of playing a range of styles and improvising and has often drums at RSL’s and clubs in a trio playing music from the 60’s through to current pop music. Simon has played on albums that reached the top 5 on American iTunes and has spent hundreds of hours studio drumming.

One of your friends, Mystique Sea Flores said about you on New Year Eve party 2009 photo album :

He’s loving God, loving life, and loving friends…#prayingforkobes

And now… I will say this :

Happy birthday to you..

When I  watch the concert, my focus always on the front line, you haven’t noticed. In the principle of my life nothing coincidence, all is grace. You post a lot of good things that arouse my curiosity. Indirectly my desire that has been long buried up rise again, evoking my creativity. You are a blessing for me. Praise The Lord for everything.

I’m still your fans. I wish I could know you as a personal, not a famous guy.

By the way, this link was refresh my mind of there was a contributor in a Hills concert if all people were focus on front line such as the lead vocal, singers, pianist, and guitarist (rhytm and melody), there was a man that never show the face but I can hear the presence in his “beat”. Yup,,, it was you…

As your fans, I’ll stand so far away because I’m afraid to be famous haha!

I wish Jesus can gives us opportunity to meet, no problem anywhere, America, Aussie, Indonesia or any part of this earth.

I love your smile ! (also your mustache hehe) Keep smile bro !

With love and Blessing !



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