Talking About Mobile Phone

Indonesia, September 22, 2011

We live in the year 2011, yup, years of technological advances. Everything was quick, easy and convenient. Thanks to technology and all the people involved in it. Who doesn’t know technology ? everyone needs it. Everybody wants quick, easy and convenient. So we all depend on technology.

One technology that very dependence is the mobile phone. Mobile phone become valuable item. It doesn’t matter if we forgot to bring something, just don’t forget to carry a cell phone. A joke from me to give a description of it :

“Losing a boyfriend, lost a diamond ring, lost wallet or losing money, won’t be able to make me cry. But if I lose my mobile phone or just lagged it, I would cry”.

What a pity of me !

But a video of my friend, Denise, reminded me of one thing. Please watch this first.

Disconnect and Enjoy

We should never controlled by cell phone. Why we don’t DISCONNECT and ENJOY ?

We have submitted all of our time, attention and our care to the phone. It is a vain thing, also stupid. We lose the best things that we can do at the time, our best time, attention and caring for one another. Why we do that ???

I’m not saying mobile is a sin or something evil. Currently this is the century of technological advances. We live here now so we need it. A lot of good things we can do via mobile phones. The best time available could be used to provide care and attention for others through mobile phones.

Remember one thing : CONTROLLING is the POINT because it’s IMPORTANT

I hope this useful.

Blessings !


~ by keishinta on September 23, 2011.

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