My identity, I am proud and I’m not alone

Indonesia, September 21, 2011

This topic surrounds my head almost one week, but it takes to much time for thinking, is it good or not if I share it to you all until one of my friends, Mickey, showed up :

Quien te lastima te hace FUERTE, quien te critica te hace IMPORTANTE, quien te envidia te hace VALIOSO, y a veces es divertido saber que aquellos que te desean lo peor tienen que soportar que te ocurra LO MEJOR!

Le oro a Dios para que te cuide, le oro a Dios para que te ilumine, le oro a Dios para que esté siempre a tu lado y le oro a Dios para que nunca te falte la Felicidad. Debes darlo a los nueve que mas quieres, inclúyeme si me quieres. En nueve minutos recibirás una buena noticia. No preguntes, solo hazlo.

In English version :

Who hurts you makes you strong, who criticizes you makes you important, who will make you envy valuable, sometimes it’s fun to know that those you want to have to endure the worst thing to happen to you THE BEST!

I pray to God to take care of you, I pray to God to enlighten you, I pray to God to be always at your side and I pray to God that you never miss Happiness. You give to the nine’s sake, include me if I want. In nine minutes you will receive good news. Do not ask, just do it.

P.S : nine’s sake = fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5: 22-23.

And here are my stories :

I was born in a modest family who believe in Jesus. Under conditions of a mediocre economy, forcing my father and my mother worked. At the same time they also have to take care of the children. I know it’s not easy. Maybe that’s what causes the frequent conflicts arising between my parents.

Since childhood I’ve heard a dissension between their mouths, sometimes accompanied by physical violence. I really understand if two adults fight definitely takes time to think and don’t meet, so that one person will go out from our house. So abandoned the mother is usual for me.

Loneliness and fear. Tears and feelings of buried was me at the time.

After years…

I continue my life as usual, school until college and had many friends. But I prefer to hang out with boys than girls. Even when high school I barely have no friends because one school was 95% are women. Some of my female friends say I look like boys than girls because of the way of dress, stride, speech, hair style more like boys.

A rockin’ girl, don’t like crying and definitely have a strong stamina. Really look like boys when viewed from behind, they said as a joke to me 😛

Until now…


That’s me ! My identity ! I am proud and I’m not alone

I understand if many are not like with it, even hate me. I often separated from the group. Minority. No friends. There is a mocking, insulting, abused me. I’m like aliens for some of them, it’s okay and no heart feeling for me.

But I want to share something :

If you continue to live with the specter of all words and all the negative assumptions YOU WILL REGRET IT. You should know that you are PRECIOUS for Jesus. He loves you as the way you are, in fact Jesus give everything for you, included HIS life.

So… don’t be sorry for your self ! Rise up !! You are precious !!!

  • Although no friends, there is a devoted friend who is always with you. The important thing you must realize that He exists and you are not alone.
  • Learn to forgive yourself and others.
  • Be positive.
  • If you need immediate assistance, try to find a Pastor near with your location.
  • Try to come to communion in the church near your place, they await you with a warm hug.

JUST DO IT !! And you will see what happen then.

This is my fave song, I dedicated to you, I hope you like it.

and this in English version :

May love and peace of God be with us all until the end of time. Amen..

With love,

~ by keishinta on September 21, 2011.

4 Responses to “My identity, I am proud and I’m not alone”

  1. Hello! Im Yemima, still new here and my blog is like 3 days old. So i found u while i was googling about Hillsong college. And i like you already! Ha ha
    I think you are a cool girl.
    Hope we can be good friends 🙂
    Grace and peace be multiplied to u
    God bless ^^


  2. Exactly! ppl like you who dont boast of themselves but boast in the Lord are the very cool one for me! 🙂


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