I❤ : W O R S H I P | Although music is a wonderful expression of worship, not his essence

Indonesia, September 9, 2011

WORSHIP ! One simple word but so meaningful. One of my friend, Kobes, make a quote in Spanish :

I❤ : W O R S H I P | Aunque la Música es una expresión maravillosa de la Adoración, no es su esencia misma. Muy Buenos Días!

(in English version : I❤ : W O R S H I P | Although music is a wonderful expression of worship, not his essence. Good Morning!)

To worship HIM is a must ! Because He is God Almighty. We magnify Him with our talent. Praise The Lord forever. Here is a worship song that could make a movement :

The little Jotta A. This is the greatest revelation of Brazilian gospel music! Jotta, performed in a children’s music festival, and thrilled thousands of Brazilians with their talent. Even the singer Michael W. Smith made a comment on his twitter: “Look at that wonderful,” after watching this little Brazilian sing “Agnus Dei“. The program conducted by SBT TV network, has a format very similar to “Britain’s Got Talent.” The boy can really touched by his breath and vocal timbre.
This is the new generation of worshipers who have risen in Brazil … From Brazil to Nations “

There is an interesting part of worship. Surely we do it with a nice and beautiful worship. We provide the best when we worship Him, with a melodious voice in the lyrics of the song are beautiful and very deep, interesting and riveting performances. But is it enough with it ??? Of course not !

What happens after that is also important because it is a single entity that can’t be separated. They walk in harmony and in line toward a goal. Implementation can be seen in our everyday lives. Life is always faced to the many challenges of life and we must live with it. Will we go through this life in accordance and harmony with what we say before when we worship Him. Yes, you have to do it!

But first let’s watch the following video :

Wrong Worship


The first time I watched this video I laughed, but later I was crying in shame. There are some that happened in my life. May The Holy Spirit transforms me into a newand according to what God wants. Amen.

Remember WORSHIP IS NOT A LIPS SERVICE. It’s more than that. As a worshiper we must be strong in faith and worship is the faith while running.

With love,


~ by keishinta on September 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “I❤ : W O R S H I P | Although music is a wonderful expression of worship, not his essence”

  1. Very Good blog Kei, is a great true, and personally I ask God to continue giving you more wisdom to publish blogs and who are also in ‘bridges of blessing’ for all.

    With Love, Kobes!


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