MOST “The Bridge” Cezh Film Movie

Indonesia, July 28, 2011

It’s time to me to share about one of my favorite movie. I knew this film long time ago, on April 23, 2010 on YouTube. Someone showed the link to me, thank you to him. Today, I tried to open again the link he has given me, but did not open, maybe for some reason, but it’s okay. Finally I got the other link to the movie.

The movie’s tittle is MOST  (re-titled “The Bridge” in some countries) is a 2003 Czech film directed by Bobby Garabedian and written and produced by American actor William Zabka. The music score was created by John Debney (Passion of the Christ). It introduces three new characters, starring Vladimir Javorsky, Linda Rybova, and introducing Lada Onorej.

Most is the story of a single father who takes his eight year-old son to work with him at the railroad drawbridge where he is the bridge tender. Just as an oncoming train approaches, his son falls into the drawbridge gear works, leaving the father with a horrific choice. While the film is produced from a completely secular viewpoint, parallels are drawn with the sacrifice a young boy and his father make to that of God and Jesus. Other relevant narratives run in parallel, namely one of a female drug-addict, and they all meet at the climax of this tumultuous film. Critics gave rave reviews for this unique, subtle, and brilliantly produced work. Many reviewers had deep and moving reaction to the film. Christianity Today magazine called it life changing.

Winner of many prestigious movie and acting awards including and not limited to: Sundance Film Festival 2004, Academy Award (Best Short Film), Heartland Film Festival 2003 (Crystal Heart Award), and Palm Springs International 2003 (Best of Festival).

The Most Movie also know as The Bridge information can be accessed online via the Internet at .

Subtitles by myself. Miguel Angel Castillo (source :

If you want to check the thriller you can watch in :

Here are with english version :

It’s good movie for me, what about your opinion ?



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