Talking About My Hair, Why Not ????

Indonesia, June 27, 2011

It’s midnight and going to 2 am but I can’t sleep. Maybe I must do something to make this brain tired and I’ll sleep then.  I tried to busy with some mild stuff. I saw some photos of mine and realised something. Yup, things are changed and one thing always same that I still not too girly yet.

It started with my look when I was 5 years old.

And years by years until now. This is my perfect looks, very simple and no need to waste my time to make up my hair if I must go any where. But my dad does not likes it. He said I looked like a boy if my hair like that. Different with my dad, my mom said no problem with my short hair. It’s okay, everybody have their own opinion.

One day, my cousin had married and I was a part of the party. Related to the party and also Indonesia very rich culture, the dress managed with our culture, Batak. That’s why, like or not using our traditional dress is a must. My hair changed from short became medium. Even though it was not enough to do much on it but finally all done and this was my look. I can’t believe that pinky quite good to me 😛

And now,,, it’s my newest look lately, a little wavy and even may be actually seen curly. Honestly, I have no problem with curly hair but with my full activities and also almost 80 % I have outdoor activities, it is becoming a bit problem to me but I will test my patience. How long I can enjoy with this ? because I have a plan to cut my hair again and come back with my own style short hair. I love it !











What do you think ? Do you have any suggestion ?



~ by keishinta on June 27, 2011.

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