Romance Scammers

Indonesia, June 23, 2011

I must share this to all people in the world especially for all girls out there. I hope this won’t happen to you. This is true stories, I got it on a good website about fraud. The name is It is trusted website. If you want to know about everything related to any kind of fraud, you must check the website, or maybe you have any experiences, you can share there too 😉

This is about Romance scammers. The name of some scammers is Stanley Turner, Daniel Carter or Frank Brad. You never know if they are one people using different names or the name is real or not. But it is too sorry for them that innocent become guilty because the scammers using their names.

Romance scammers can use any kind of dating site such as or or any kind dating site. But remember !! There were many people can find their partner by using dating site. The dating site is not guilty because they have a good vision and mission but become not trusted because of bad scammers.

The romance scammers never fall in love with you but they fall in love with your money. Just remember one thing, don’t take it hurry if it’s about your partner. Make it sure for everything. You can use your heart but remember to use your logical too.

I don’t want this happen to you girls

Beware and be careful because you never know that you already as a victim of the scammers.

Hope this information useful.



~ by keishinta on June 23, 2011.

6 Responses to “Romance Scammers”

  1. Kei nemu scammer baru?


    • iya sist, cuma untungnya gw ga ketipu. Pas mrk kirim email pertama kalinya, gw langsung ngenalin krn kata2 love letternya MIRIP ABISSS. Cuma gw kasian sama Vicky, dia tertipu sampai 18,000 USD katanya. Parahhhhh kan ??? baca thread nya sist. Mending yg di kompasiana pake yg ini aja, kan ada KISAH NYATA Megan dan Vicky juga 😉


  2. kamu ada account di kompasiana? tulis ada Kei 😉




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