June 18, Happy Birthday, John

Indonesia, June 18, 2011

It’s 6:30 pm (Indonesia, Jakarta GMT +7), I almost forgotten to say it, but no….. I did it !

I text you with a bit sentences :

Today is your birthday ? Happy Birthday !
Wish you all the best. Enjoy your day with all happiness around you. And all your dreams come true.
God bless you. Amen !”

I sent it to your Hungary’s number. Yup, Hungary is only a dream in my head even though I had a chance to do that because the ticket was in my hands but I didn’t do it. Too much questions with no answer in my head !

Oh no……. my text report was pending. What happened ?

You are not in Hungary anymore ?

Ok then, I sent again to Switzerland‘s number, the same text and the report succeed. Are you in Switzerland now ?

My phone was ringing and there was a text’s reply from you with your Hungary’s number :

Yes right. Today. Thank you Kei ! Nice. Have a nice day ! Take care !”

Oh my… after one year…….. you still save my number ?

Your text took me to the time when your face always showed as soon as possible on my lappie after I sent text message “I need you”. Even though you very tired, or had a bad day, no matter that happen you always show in front of me. Thank you to the network and gadget that made our part became not barrier 😉

Also I remember the day that you didn’t want to come for work because you still unwell but there no unwell for having fun with your bike 🙂

When the time was come. I was in Switzerland too and it took only two blocks separate us. I never meet you directly. I didn’t have any courage to see you, to touch you or to hold you. Sorry for that…….

I still remember your last text “Where are you ? Where do you stay now ? I am free now. I want to see you.” ——- I replied and disappointed you with my text : I am in Bern now. I can’t see you.”

Oh my gosh…. I am very sorry for that.

But after one year gone, you’re still good friend to me 😉 Thank you that you still remember me. I knew so much women on your list, that’s why I didn’t put my name on my text 😀

I miss all the moments, the moments where all joy and sadness that we share together.

Happy birthday John….



~ by keishinta on June 22, 2011.

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