I’m Happy To Be A Single

Indonesia, April 26, 2011

Do you have a bad day ? or bad mood ? Do you broken heart ? Do you cry for that ? Do you feel hopeless ? It’s seems the world is over for your, isn’t it ? Come on…. Wake up…  It’s not too bad when that happened.

Yes, I’m Happy To Be A Single (Girl) and do you know why I’m happy ? It mean that the person is not a right man for me. The Right Person is still waiting for me. Can you imagine if you will be together with “Unright Person” meanwhile “The Right Person” is still waiting for you ? That’s why, don’t push too hard ! Let it be happen just the way it is and be happy for that !

Let the past be past, welcome for the new one. Don’t forget put your best smile on it because “The Right Person” is waiting for you 😉

Please remember life must go on, the sun still shinning and there will be tomorrow for you. It’s okay to sad and cry but not forever. Open your heart and welcome your new day, your new hope and your new love. Love is never end for one people. You still get much love from another people and you can share your love to all people.

Love is arround you. Just open your heart and feel the happiness.



~ by keishinta on April 26, 2011.

3 Responses to “I’m Happy To Be A Single”

  1. great post. very inspiring.


  2. […] I’m Happy To Be A Single […]


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