Happy Good Friday, Feel The True Love Of Jesus Christ

Indonesia, April 22, 2011

It’s Good Friday ! I’m so grateful ! It’s more cheerful than Christmas day. If Christmas, I got so many presents and attended so many parties with my friends. But all different in Good Friday ! There’s no party, only silent night and got only one present, yup,,, only one present. One present but very valuable.

The present is Jesus Christ’s love. He lived to die for me, for all my sins and for my eternal life. I was totally blessed because of Jesus. At The Cross I found my name, kei shinta. Yes, I’m alive and have eternal life because of Him.

I know this life is complicated and have a long stories but I promise, I keep this all my life and never give up to follow Jesus Christ until one day, at the final at the end of time Jesus and me will meet together. Jesus mean to me. Jesus is my world and my all.

Please take my hands on Your Way because I can’t walk alone. I need You, Jesus.

Happy Good Friday, Feel The True Love Of Jesus Christ, everyone.

Be blessed !


~ by keishinta on April 22, 2011.

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