I Want My Jazz Cakes

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Indonesia, April 17, 2011

Horae,,, i got a present today. Thank you so much for beloved parents and my youngest brother Daud, also my adopted big brother Bui-Bui. They gave me a cake from Holland Bakery and also Pizza Hut. Yumm… Thank you so much for all of your attention guys. I love you all 😉


My head fulfil with Jazz Cakes. Yup,, only JAZZ CAKES.

Please listen to me, my jazz cakes… ohh my sweetness is my jazz cakes

My Jazz Cakes where are you ? Please come my jazz cakes…

I want my jazz cakes now ! I need my jazz cakes…. only ….  My Jazz Cakes !

Please send my jazz cakes….

P.S : I love you my jazz cakes

~ by keishinta on April 17, 2011.

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