Travel Jakarta – Bogor – Sukabumi

Indonesia,  April 15, 2011

This topic already moved to this link : TRAVELLING WITH KEISHINTA


~ by keishinta on April 15, 2011.

5 Responses to “Travel Jakarta – Bogor – Sukabumi”

  1. […] Travel Jakarta – Bogor – Sukabumi […]


  2. Hi Kei…do you have any phone number for the travel’s affiliation here in Jakarta? Please advise. Thank you.


    • Very sorry, I don’t have it, but u can call some numbers 1st and ask if they could pick u up or not @Huangyouli


      • already called them, so the journey will start this afternoon… :p
        anyway, do you have other alternative transportation from sukabumi to jakarta? seems that going home at 4 or 6 am will be too early for me.. hehe…

        (where are you originated from?)


      • very sorry, I just read your comment. I’m Indonesian haha.
        Enjoy your day sista 😉
        Blessings !


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