Beware of FRAUD on a Website

Indonesia, April 4, 2011

I am a member of a website www. and also,  this website is not dating site, but only social site. I have some friends in Hungary, they suggest me on the website, so we can more easier to share our communication. I put my profile picture is actually a girl with short hair. I was not too feminine.

Today, there is a girl send a mail to me :

(in Hungary language)

“A nevem Miss Odemira, jó kinézetű fiatal gondoskodó és szerető lány. Remélem, hogy ez a leveleimet ér minket, légköri feltétel a jó egészség. Én írott neked, hogy van egy jó és szeretetteljes kapcsolat van. Várom, hogy olvassa el a válaszát, ha én Önt érdeklő hogy tudni fogjuk magunkat együtt, és ossza meg fotóit is.
Üdvözlettel drágán”

(in English)

My name is Miss Odemira,good looking young caring and loving girl. I am hoping that this my mail reaches you atmospheric condition of your good health. I am writing to you to have a good and loving relationship with you. I am expecting to read from your reply if i interest you so that we will know ourselves together and share photos as well.

This is not the first time i got a mail like this, i forgot how many times, because so many times. Sometimes i laugh so hard when i read the mail. I’m a girl and in fact I’m not looking for a man on the site.

Only from this website, appears a lot of emails from women who aren’t known. Moreover,the website was not a dating site.

I never reply them.

Have you ever experienced the same thing ?



~ by keishinta on April 4, 2011.

3 Responses to “Beware of FRAUD on a Website”

  1. gw sering dapat email spt itu Kei, udah jelas2 nama gw “Nella” msah iya spt nama cowo? hehehe gak kan. Bbrp kali gw perhatikan keseringan cewe2 rusia yg ngirim.


    • hahaha,,, orang non Indo rata2 emang ndeso kali yah ???? Knp gw blg kaya gt ?? krn nama kei itu sdh pasti cowo say mangkanya semua yg ngirim pasti cewe hehehe. Gw nanya sm org non Indo (temen2 gw) katanya emang bener kei=cowo. Nahhhhh, kl km,,, nella hahahahaa mungkin cowo juga say hahahaha. Mangkanya mrk mikir gt. Ciri khas nama cewe biasanya Mira, Daisy, dll dsb hahahaha.
      Kalo yang ngirim email fraud ke gw 85% itu cewe peranakan afrika ditambah eropa say hahahahhahaa krn mereka 85 % ngirim fotonya. Hitam manis, dan rambut panjang, hitam manis nya mirip pemain fil India ato Halle Berry (yg pernah main James Bond) dan jd ambasador Mabeline cosmetic.
      Jd ketawa ngakakkkkk gw kl inget foto2 mrk,,, emang cantik sih,,, tp,,,,, MASA JERUK MAKAN JERUK hahahahahhahahhaaa…….


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